Discussing the screw ups of those in charge... the position coppers are put in… and Trudeau prancing around....   Connect with us on social media:   ...View Details

Bromell's daughter, Madi, asks him about the stories from his cop days in the notorious 51 division and why 51 was known as the punishment division......View Details

It's the most dangerous job in the world... and for no extra pay! Bromell interviews retired Police Sergeant, Professor and Author, Stephen Metelsky, ...View Details

The Copfather rants about all of the things that are p!ssing him off right now and how he relates to the new movie, 'NOBODY'...   Related Links: 'NOBO...View Details

Bromell and Koromilas discuss an article written by a copper who up and quit after 20 years of service, he details why he's DONE!   Related Links: htt...View Details

Randy Jurgensen, NYPD Detective, author, film actor and producer, talks about his book ‘Circle of Six’, details what really happened that day at the M...View Details

Bromell and Koromilas discuss The Dissident, The Panama Papers, Assassins and Murder In Istanbul.   Connect with us on social media:   Website:  http...View Details

In honour of the anniversary, former Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino recalls the hostage taking and murder of Constable Michael Sweet, March 14th...View Details

Four black police officers in York Region believe they are subjects of racism and have hired Courtney Betty to represent them. He discusses his approa...View Details

Acclaimed Investigative Reporter for the Toronto Star, Rob Cribb, shares his investigations into human trafficking and his involvement in the investig...View Details

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